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Permission Platform Feature Launch: Rewarded Surveys

After the unveiling of the New Daily Earn in March, and the completion of the migration from the Permission Blockchain to the Polygon network in June, Permission is delighted to launch a new earning experience for users within the Permission Platform.

Our latest earning experience for users enables them to receive relevant messages from brands and earn from their data.

When the user enters the My.Permission platform, they will find simple survey questions in the Brand Box and can earn ASK for answering. The response data is saved to their profile, and can be modified at any time if the user chooses – allowing for complete transparency and control.

Depending on how a user responds to each survey’s questions, they will receive relevant messages from brands with offerings suited to their needs and interests.

For example, a user who answers ‘no’ to whether they have children under the age of 12 will not receive ads from brands selling children’s toys. A user who says ‘yes’ to having a backyard may receive rewarded ads and offers from brands who can help them improve and enjoy their outdoor space.

The more questions a user answers, the more Permission can provide personalized ads and qualify the user for additional earning opportunities.

“This is a feature I’ve been really excited to launch” says Robert Morris, Permission’s Product Architect. “By inviting the user to collaborate in the construction of their profile data, it allows us to make the Permission experience far more personalized and useful to our users. It is the essence of why and how Permission marketing works. The more a user shares their preferences, the more personalized the experience will be. Throughout – the user is always empowered to own their data and control what is shared.”

Stay tuned for more earning opportunities and brands coming soon, as we grow our network of advertisers and continue to roll out new features and improve the platform.

As always, your feedback makes us better. We encourage you to share your comments by emailing us at


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