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Earn From
Your Data

How Permission® Works

Own Your Data® and make the most of it, with the Permission platform.

Your participation is your power. Earn rewards while enjoying content tailored to your preferences and privacy standards.

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Need a more rewarding search experience?

Permission Search is a best-in-class search experience that rewards you and never shares your data without your consent. 

Earn Everyday

Beyond search, Permission offers all kinds of opportunities to earn ASK® by engaging with ads and offers. 

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Free ASK Wallet

Daily Rewards 

Your Data is Only Shared With Consent

Earn Rewards

Every time an ad is clicked, you are opting-in to build a one to one relationship with brands, getting rewarded in ASK tokens for your information. 

No Web3 Wallet?
No Problem

Permission automatically sets up your Web3 wallet, so you are ready to start earning crypto as soon as you create your account. 
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