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Introducing Permission Search is thrilled to unveil a new approach to digital advertising: Permission Search. This innovative platform stands out in the crowded search engine market by reshaping how brands access real-time user intent data and engage audiences effectively while incentivizing users with crypto rewards every time they opt-in to a brand.

What Sets Permission Search Apart?

Permission is on a mission to revolutionize the landscape of online advertising, putting the power back into the hands of users. Gone are the days when platforms monetize user data - making billions of dollars off of it - without consent.

Like traditional search engines, Permission Search offers organic Google search results. What's different is its unique approach. It foregoes intrusive ads, instead inviting users to opt into ads that resonate with them. This choice-driven model rewards user engagement with ASK tokens and other digital assets, creating a win-win scenario for both users and advertisers.

In the U.S., where search advertising accounts for 40% of digital ad spend, Permission Search enters as a major player. It's not just another search engine; it's a new category of advertising based on our "ASK Permission" philosophy, leveraging first-party data in a user-centric business model.

Using Permission Search on Mobile Device

Permission Search and You

Using Permission Search is as simple as any other search engine, but with added perks. Users receive fewer ads - initially, just one per search, potentially in the form of a rewarding product placement, a piece of content to consume, or a survey to complete. It’s a seamless way to earn by engaging with content that matters to you, without getting distracted by the endless streams of ads on most search engines.

Permission is dedicated to returning that control to individuals and your input is crucial in this endeavor. Every piece of feedback is immensely valuable as we strive to create the perfect product tailored to your preferences. What do you like, and what features would you like to see? Let us know by sending an email to

Your insights will play a pivotal role in shaping Permission into the most widely used reward platform in the market, ensuring that the platform evolves based on your needs and desires. Join us in reclaiming the power of your personal data and transforming your digital footprint into a monetizable asset. Share your thoughts, inform your friends, and be a part of reshaping the future of online advertising with Permission!

Using Permission Image Search on Laptop

Permission Search Today and Tomorrow

During its ongoing Beta phase, Permission Search is dynamically evolving with weekly feature releases and constant enhancements. Our primary focus remains on empowering users to earn crypto rewards through their searches. We will do this in a few ways; first we will layer on the rich media search you are used to from modern search engines as well as additional earning opportunities across the platform. Looking ahead, this quarter is all about maturing Permission Search, and doing so based on user feedback and usage metrics. This agile approach underscores our dedication to delivering a more rewarding user experience that delights users every time they search, solidifying our position as the leader in transparent, permission-based advertising.

Solving Today's Advertising Dilemmas

With browser cookies fading out and data regulations tightening, advertisers face increasing challenges. Permission Search is the solution. It enables direct acquisition of first-party data, offering the precision and personalization that users now demand. And with 73% of marketers worried about privacy regulations impacting their marketing, Permission Search shines as a compliant, consent-focused platform.

Creating a Two-Way Marketplace

Permission Search aims to cultivate a balanced marketplace. It encourages data sharing that is driven by consent, creating an appealing environment for both users and advertisers. As user engagement grows, so does the attractiveness of the platform for advertisers, leading to a cycle of increased rewards and sustained engagement.

Permission Search for Advertisers

Launched in beta in Q4 2023, Permission Search enters the market as a completely managed service. It offers brands bespoke solutions for audience engagement and data sharing, so that you can grow your first party data and find meaningful new customers quickly and easily. Our team handles compliance and user rewards, allowing brands to focus on customer satisfaction and creative approaches to reaching their target audience. 

Empowering Users, Transforming Advertising

Permission Search is more than a tool; it's a movement towards a transparent, permission-based advertising model. It empowers users to take control of their data and earn from it, while also fostering trust and sustainable loyalty in digital advertising.

This launch marks a significant step for in advocating for a fairer internet, where users are compensated for their data. Permission Search embodies our belief in data ownership and control, ushering in a new era of internet advertising where brands must 'ASK Permission.'

Stay tuned for exciting updates as Permission Search continues to redefine digital advertising.


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