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The New Daily Earn Has Arrived

Permission is always hard at work building, and today we have something special to announce. We aren’t just re-imagining how advertising can be done – but showing how it should be done!

Web2 is saturated with creepy ads, spammy emails, and disingenuous social posts from brands. It is a problem we are all too familiar with: the fight over consumer attention has turned every public communication platform into a barrage of unwanted content.

Permission intends to tackle this problem by addressing it at the roots. Of course, using ASK as a means of value exchange and the granting of permission are key ingredients, but on top of that, one more reality must be acknowledged: no existing communication system is designed solely to facilitate the connection of brands with consumers in a just manner.

This is why Permission is leading the way in Web3 Advertising, which marks the beginning of a new paradigm that will put users in control of their own data and empower them to engage with brands as they choose. To bring this vision to life, we have released an entirely re-designed Daily Earn application for Permission users. Built specifically to meet the needs of consumers and brands, this new Web3 experience is not only incredibly versatile and a delight to use, but we believe that our values-first design approach will make it the preferred method for all brand-consumer communication.

Permission – Check Value Exchange – Check Data Ownership – Check Dedicated Purpose – Check Consumer Feedback – Check

In short, just like how you check your mailbox once a day, or check your email inbox at least once a day, the Daily Earn is where you go to hear from the brands you love and receive other highly relevant ads, while getting rewarded in ASK for doing so.

Functionally, the Daily Earn consists of two incredibly simple features: The Permission Box and the Brand Box. The Permission Box provides useful updates about our platform or opportunities to provide data about yourself so that Permission can provide you with the best experience possible. In the Brand Box, brands will bid for the opportunity to offer you ASK in return for your engagement. In this first version, this will mainly take the form of video ads.

Ultimately, the Daily Earn will provide users with the ability to earn more ASK, receive more relevant messages from brands they love, and greater control over how their data is used. Additionally, for brands it will provide them with a Web3 advertising platform to create a more direct connection with consumers, engage in value transfer, and offer unique engagement opportunities.

We would also like to note that with this revision, we have overhauled our sign-up process to include a slick orientation experience, and the wallet page and user settings have been greatly improved upon.

And this is just the start. Soon, users will be able to permission their data directly to the brands that they choose, brands will be able to drop NFTs directly into wallets, and much more.

As Charlie Silver, our CEO, recently summed up Red Unicorn’s release: “Web3 innovations to allow users to earn from their data have been slow to roll out. Permission is committed to this vision and after years of testing and optimizing, our revamped experience makes individual data ownership a reality.”

Indeed, by enabling brands to offer tokenized rewards in exchange for permissioned data, Permission is inching ever closer to realizing its vision of a Web3 advertising platform where everyone is a consumer, owner, and participant and in which individuals have the opportunity to own, control, and profit from their loyalty and engagement.

Stay tuned for more updates, as we will be releasing tons of cool new features to the Daily Earn over the next few weeks and months. As always, your feedback makes us better so we encourage you to share your comments by emailing us at

With excitement for what’s to come, Robert Product Architect


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