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Permission’s ASK Token Lists on Uniswap

We are delighted to announce that the ASK token is now listed on Uniswap, the world’s largest decentralized exchange, with a WETH-ASK pairing.

Availability on Uniswap V3 provides ASK holders with the ability to provide liquidity for ASK and earn trading fees. More information on the WETH-ASK pair can be found here.

Those wishing to access the WETH-ASK pool must connect their Metamask wallet, ensure that they are connected to the Polygon network, and confirm they are using the correct ASK token contract address: 0xaA3717090CDDc9B227e49d0D84A28aC0a996e6Ff. 

Please note that if the token contract address is not imported to your Metamask wallet, the token will not be visible on Uniswap. Here’s a brief how-to guide for importing tokens to your Metamask wallet.

This announcement comes on the heels of our recent migration to the Polygon Network to globally scale Web3 advertising. Powered by Polygon’s lightning-fast speeds and low transaction costs, our innovative Web3 platform enables advertisers to run global campaigns and reward users in ASK for opting in and consenting to share data. 

A permission-based advertising solution powered by a tokenized reward will be critical for advertisers to succeed in Web3. Global privacy regulations aimed at protecting consumers’ data are forcing major changes to the digital advertising industry, which is projected to reach a size of $1.5 trillion by 2030.

Marketers will need to adapt to a more consumer-centric internet where individuals will own their data and where advertisers will need to incentivize consumers with a reward to obtain permission to interact with it. 

Our Web3 advertising platform enables users to control, securely grant permission, and earn from their data across the digital ecosystem, while helping brands improve ROI and build consent-based audiences in a compliant way. Since our launch, hundreds of thousands of users have already earned ASK by engaging with the platform, and ASK has recently emerged as one of the top most-held tokens on Polygon

This listing increases Permission’s exposure to Uniswap’s vast user base and enables the growing number of ASK holders to access DeFi. “Our migration to Polygon has been a crucial move for the Permission Platform and ASK,” said Charles Silver, CEO of Permission. “With DeFi accelerating its mass appeal, we want to ensure that the ASK community has the opportunity to partake in this monumental financial shift while at the same time increasing ASK accessibility.” 

New to Uniswap?

Uniswap is a leading decentralized finance protocol featuring an ever-growing network of DeFi dAPPs. The protocol has eclipsed over $1.5 trillion in trading volume and supports over hundreds of DeFi integrations, making it the ideal center point for the trading of Ethereum-based tokens without intermediaries. Overall, Uniswap V3 supports a whopping 1768 trading pairs, now including WETH-ASK.

See this helpful guide for more information.


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