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2022: The Permission Year that Was

2023 is now upon us and we wanted to take a moment to thank all of our amazing community members for their incredible support. 

Team Permission spent this past year marching ever closer toward fulfilling our mission to enable users to earn from their data. Over the last 12 months, we have continued to expand our team of talented engineers, sales executives, advertising specialists, and marketing professionals. We’ve also built upon our platform capabilities to help brands “ASK permission” and offer tokenized rewards to users in exchange for their data, loyalty, and engagement. 

As we march into another productive year, we are excited to share a celebratory recap of our most noteworthy accomplishments in 2022!

January & February

Kicked off the year with a smooth transition of the Permission network to Switzerland and received confirmation of ASK’s classification as a utility token under Swiss law. Rounded out early ‘22 wins when ASK listed on a top-tier exchange,!

March & April

Majorly advanced our mission with the successful launch of Permission Ads, the first-ever (patent-pending) crypto-rewards ad platform that enables brands to offer tokenized rewards (ASK tokens, NFTs, and other digital assets) across the open web to incentivize data-sharing and engagement.

May & June

Our most significant blockchain tech stack accomplishment of 2022, we developed proprietary bridging technology to securely migrate ASK from the Permission blockchain to the Polygon Network! Users can now access the Ethereum network and receive Ethereum-based tokens and NFTs in exchange for data-sharing and loyalty!

July & August

Launched first edition of “Web3: Learn & Earn Roadshow,” a Web3 awareness campaign teaching top advertising industry execs about data sovereignty in Web3, how brands can embrace digital assets to build 1:1 engagement with consumers, and how Permission can serve as their go-to Web3 loyalty partner.

September & October

Onboarded new brands seeking to boost their Web3 audiences and optimized our ad platform for stellar performance. Early campaigns yielded impressive results, far exceeding industry averages.

Additionally, we expanded our wallet capabilities with “Metamask-Connect” and “ASK-Tracking” to support transactions in Metamask and allow users to track their ASK balance over time across multiple wallets.

November & December

Bolstered ad-tech stack with the integration of our Customer Data Platform, enabling brands to shift from dependence on third-party tracking. By leveraging Permission’s unified consent-based audience data, brands can improve performance and build their own loyal, opt-in audiences.

In 2023, Permission will continue to build out the Permission platform to make it easier and more delightful for users to earn – and for advertisers to offer – tokenized rewards for data-sharing and loyalty.

Stay tuned for exciting announcements, including our detailed roadmap for 2023. 

Here’s to a prosperous new year filled with growth and success for us all!

ICYMI in 2022:  

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