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Technology & IP

The Permission ecosystem is being developed by a network of world class engineers and contributors whose mission is to make data ownership possible through fundamental breakthroughs in computing. is a deep tech company that has successfully enabled acceleration and optimization of queries and other major advancements in the field of data integration. We have been awarded an extensive portfolio of database-optimization patents that support our platforms.

Data Algebra

Data Algebra® applies various sets of theoretical operations and abstract algebra to database management and integration.

Until its development, no complete means of representing and transforming data (and metadata) existed. Translating and transforming data from one form to another, Data Algebra provides access to databases and makes different systems interrogatable and communicable in any format.

Permission QE

The Permission Query Engine deploys Permission's fundamental innovations in Data Algebra.

A breakthrough in data interoperability, the technology enables individuals to manage and control their full data set, including the ability to grant permission and monetize it.

Permission QE will have a GUI and an API so that it can be used by individuals as a query capability or programmatically. The intention is to make the GUI capability available to users.

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The origin, mechanics and implications of Data Algebra are further defined in our published treatise, “The Algebra of Data, A Foundation for the Data by Economy”, written by Professor Gary Sherman, PhD, and Robin Bloor, PhD.

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