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Permission Search

Earn 100 ASK when you sign up and search.

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Search Smarter, Own Your Data, Earn Rewards

🌟 Beyond Traditional Searching: Just like your favorite search engines, Permission Search delivers comprehensive Google search results. What sets us apart? We're redefining the ad experience.


🔒 You're in Control: Say goodbye to intrusive ads. We invite you to choose the ads that speak to you. Your engagement, your rules.


💰 Earn While You Explore: Engage with ads that interest you and earn ASK tokens and other digital rewards. It's not just a search; it's a rewarding journey.


🔍 Redefining Advertising: Join us as pioneers in a new category of advertising. Embrace our 'ASK Permission' philosophy, where first-party data and a user-focused approach reign supreme.

How Permission Search Works

Join Permission

Make a free account to create your ASK wallet, verify your information, and earn from your activity.

Search Anonymously

Fewer ads, rewarding interactions, and data control for every search you perform.

Collect ASK Tokens

ASK is a real currency! Spend it, save it, or redeem it at our store.

What is ASK ?

ASK is a cryptocurrency used to reward consumers for granting permission to engage with brands.

Learn More

Permission Helps You Get Rewarded By Brands


Brands Need to 
ASK Permission

Permission was created to put an end to the exploitative advertising model that drives today’s web and  to return data ownership back to individuals.

Our Web3 & Ad Partners

It's Time to Own Your Data®

True data ownership is when you get to choose who has access to your data.

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