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The Medium Is The Message – Ask Permission

Functionally speaking, what is

Permission is a medium. A medium that connects brands and consumers. That is all.

Permission is a new kind of medium, but there have been many other kinds of mediums before it. Long ago, books were one of the most common mediums. After that, radio, then TV, and finally the voluminous hosts of mediums that have popped up on the Internet, like blogs, Facebook, forums, YouTube, and much more. And Permission is now one of these mediums.

Yet it was once famously said by Marshall McLuhan, “The medium is the message.”

Don’t be afraid. This may seem like some deeply cryptic philosophizing at first, yet it is actually surprisingly simple to unpack. What McLuhan really means when he says this is that:

“The way that we send and receive information, is more important than the information itself.”

Let that sink in for a second.

Have you ever caught yourself endlessly scrolling through Instagram and simply lost track of time? When you eventually awake from your fugue state, you will likely have forgotten 99% of the content that you consumed. Yet you will invariably be left with the distinct feeling of “FOMO” impressed by the medium itself. That is what McLuhan means when he says, “The medium is the message.” The underlying messages of Instagram are: “You need to travel more. You need to be more popular. You need to be more beautiful. You need to have a more interesting and exciting life.”

And these mediums that we engage with actually change the way we behave. A person who spends their whole day on TikTok may be more likely to seek attention and immediate gratification than one that just listens to Podcasts, because those implied messages have burrowed their way into your subconscious. Take this in contrast to an older medium, like books. Books are a calm, understated medium that requires proficiency in linguistics. Books invite you to spend a great deal of time to fully digest the content therein. The underlying message of books is: “Dedicate yourself and be rewarded with deep understanding.”

As you could have guessed, each new medium which has caught on over the past several decades seems to have brought with it a more distressing and demanding message. Just as Radio was supplanted by TV, and TV by the Internet, we have grown slowly accustomed to being barraged with messages from others who seek to influence us. No matter which modern medium we turn to, we receive the messages that trust is elusive and that we are relatively worthless.

So, what then is the message of

Practically speaking, it is a direct link between brands and consumers. Permission ditches the parasitic data harvesting model used by tech giants. Instead it gives you sovereignty over your own data and enables you to monetize it for your own benefit. It feeds you branded content, but rewards you in ASK and never intrudes without your consent.

Therefore, the messages of the Permission medium are:

  1. We respect you and your boundaries

  2. Your time and engagement are valued

  3. You are in control and choose who you interact with

  4. Spend a little time with us, but then move on to what you want to do

  5. By committing to transparency, our good intentions shine through

  6. We want to build trusting relationships with each other

  7. Over time, we can symbiotically help one another

In short, is a desperately needed medium carrying a uniquely refreshing message – This is not the digital advertising that you know. This is digital advertising on your terms.


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