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The 5 Best Bitcoin Earning Apps of 2021

From playing games online to using browser extensions that let you earn from your data, to filling out surveys, there are a lot of ways to make easy money online. Apart from getting hard cash or gift cards, though, you can also earn small amounts of cryptocurrency.

BTC is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and while you won’t earn a ton from these apps, if you find some that fit into your existing habits and the price of bitcoin continues to rise, then they may be worth your time.

What Makes a Good Bitcoin Earning App?

When thinking through what makes the ideal bitcoin earning app, we focused on these criteria:

  1. Trustworthy and transparent. There’s a lot of fraud and abuse in the crypto space, so knowing that there is a legitimate business behind the app is important.

  2. Low payout floors. You don’t want to have to wait forever for a payout, so the lower the floor to cash out, the better.

  3. Good UX and UI. Apps like these need to be easy to use and enjoyable. The payouts are so low that there’s no room for frustration or wasted time.

  4. Reliable payouts. Nothing matters if you can’t actually get paid after you’ve put the time in. All of these apps have reliable cash-out options.

  5. Active community. An active community plays into trust and ensures that the company will continue to be incentivized to improve the app and accompanying services.

With that in mind, here’s a shortlist of our favorites separated by category, and we have longer explanations farther down.

The Best Bitcoin Earning Apps

  1. StormX for shopping

  2. FeaturePoints for surveys

  3. Alien Run for getting addicted to earning

  4. Bling’s Bitcoin Games for general gaming

  5. BitforTip for answering questions

And here’s a bit more detail on each of these apps. Each of these are available on iOS and Android, and as you go through this list, try and see which ones you can fit into your existing habits.

1. StormX: Best Bitcoin Earning App for Shopping

StormX takes the familiar online cashback model where brands give the referral company cuts of the sales and then that company gives you (the buyer) some of that split and augments it with cryptocurrency payouts.

With StormX, you can earn by shopping on their 750+ partner store, getting anywhere from 0.5% to 87.5% back in crypto. They work with legitimate stores as well, including Lego, Sega, Doordash, Samsung, Microsoft, and more.

You can also earn more crypto by HODLing your crypto in their membership program, playing games, and filling out surveys. Then, you can cash out with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or STorm.

StormX is best for people who already do a good amount of online shopping. For example, if you have kids who love LEGOs and games, you could do all of your Christmas shopping through StormX and get a free crypto kickback.

2. FeaturePoints: Best Bitcoin Earning App for Surveys

FeaturePoints pitches itself as the solution to earning from your downtime. A.k.a. those minutes when you’re stuck in line or bored at the doctor’s office. While surveys are the main way people earn on this app, you can also shop with partners, download free apps, and watch videos — all of which can be turned into cashback via PayPal, gift cards at specific retailers, or turned into Bitcoin.

They also have a cool referral program where you earn from every friend that signs up and continue earning every time they earn — for life.

If you find yourself running a lot of errands or don’t mind filling out a quick survey when pinged by a notification, then FeaturePoints could be good for you. I wouldn’t set aside specific hours to invest into FeaturePoints since the payouts are so low, but if you casually answer questions every few months or so you may be able to cash out a few bucks into Bitcoin.

3. Alien Run: Best Bitcoin Earning App for Addictive Gaming

If you like to game and wouldn’t mind a small amount of Bitcoin to go with that time, then check out Alien Run. It’s a genuinely fun game with a good mix of easy and difficult levels, and new missions are released daily.

The app has a lot of ads, though, and the payouts, like all of these apps, are low. So if you already game and genuinely enjoy Alien Run, then sure, why not, but if you’re downloading Alien Run only to earn Bitcoin, then you have better options.

4. Bling Games: Best Bitcoin App for General Gaming

Bling is a game developer that has a variety of simple games you can play to earn Bitcoin including Bitcoin Blast, Bitcoin Blocks, Bitcoin Food Fight, and more. You create one central account that is linked to all of their games and collectively earn while playing. The games are well-built and have fun multiplayer options, but you have to watch an ad after every game and the payouts are low.

Our advice is similar to Alien Run. If you already play games like solitaire, Candy Crush, or 2048, then you’ll probably enjoy these Bitcoin games, and swapping your play time to one that earns you a small amount of Bitcoin could be worth it.

5. Bitfortip: Best Bitcoin App for Being Helpful

Bitfortip definitely needs work and is hit by a lot of spammers, but we’re including it because there’s still an active community and it’s an interesting idea. You can think of BitforTip like Quora but you’re paid for your answers with small amounts of BitCoin.

For example, you may hop on the site and see that someone asked: “How easy is it to replace spark plugs in a Honda Civic?” along with an attached BTC reward amount. If you have mechanical expertise and could answer it, you can “win” the associated BTC tip for that question.

Bonus: The “Earn While Your Browse” App’s Browser Extension helps you earn $ASK crypto for browsing and engaging with relevant brands online.

For example, let’s say you’re into building gaming computers, and you’re looking for a new solid-state drive. If you search for a SSD and one of our partners has one they think you would like, your extension will ping you with the option to watch a relevant ad. If you choose to do that, then you’ll instantly earn the displayed amount of $ASK. And then, if you dig the SSD and buy it, you’ll get an even larger $ASK payout. Plus, if you’d prefer to own BTC instead of $ASK, you can choose to trade it for bitcoin on an exchange.

And this browser extension is just the beginning. Permission’s browser extension is part of our mission to take back data ownership from the internet barons and help users all over the world start earning from the data. If you think you should earn for the data you’re already giving away for free, then you should join us and start earning $ASK.

What You Need to Know About Bitcoin Earning Apps

The unfortunate truth to bitcoin earning apps is that the payouts are extremely low.

With the exception of the browser extension, all of the apps we found pay such small amounts, often amounting to fractions of a cent or minuscule amounts of Bitcoin (typically Satoshi), that the time you spend on these apps can almost always be better spent doing something else that would allow you to buy even more bitcoin.

For example, instead of spending 5 hours a week getting pennies on the dollar on these apps, you could teach a skill online, collect recyclables, sell baked goods, or do any other number of small side hustles that you could directly invest into Bitcoin instead. If saving or investing is your goal, this would be a much more effective route.

Your best bet is to fit these apps into your existing life instead of spending what feels like “extra time” on them. Gaming when you’re stuck in line, completing surveys in doctor’s offices, and answering questions when you’re bored are good examples of this.

Then, every few months or so you’ll have a few bucks you can put toward your BTC balance.

Earn Crypto Without Changing Your Habits

Why aren’t you already earning for the data you’re giving away with every move you make online?

Surf the web like normal and earn crypto along the way. With Permission’s Browser Extension, earning from your data is finally easy.

All you have to do is download the extension, use your browser like normal, and if a relevant ad from our partners applies to your search, you have the choice to check out that ad in return for crypto. It’s that simple.

Start earning from your data without having to do anything “extra”.


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