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Snapshot Governance Partnership

Permission Governance 

The Permission Association is pleased to announce that it has integrated Snapshot, a leading decentralized voting system which provides projects and DAOs with multiple ways to vote and participate in governance. 

We are excited to invite Permission users and community participants to become members of the Association’s governance protocol. 

How to Vote on Permission Snapshot

To vote, you will need:

  1. A wallet such as MetaMask

  2. An active Polygon-ASK balance within your chosen web wallet. Voting does not require any transactions of your ASK, and there are no fees involved. All of your ASK remains in your wallet. 

Step 1: Connect your wallet

Go to the proposal page and connect your wallet.

Click on “Connect Wallet” in the top-right corner. Your wallet will prompt you to confirm the interaction.

Step 2: Cast your vote

After reading the proposal and making your decision, allocate your voting rights to whichever options you believe best serve the Permission community, and click on “Vote.” 

You will need to provide a signature in your wallet to finalize the vote.

Step 3: Stay Informed About Upcoming Votes 

Be sure to regularly check out our Snapshot to review and vote on live proposals. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Discord to receive updates on proposals and votes. 

Why Institute Snapshot Governance? 

From the beginning, Permission has been laser-focused on empowering users to own their data and share in the value it creates. This move to integrate Snapshot is directly in line with our vision of creating a transparent, decentralized advertising ecosystem that transfers the value currently captured by centralized platforms back to individuals, and enables all participants to benefit from the platform’s upside. 

Snapshot voting solutions will bring ASK holders into the fold, and add decision-making power to ASK’s utility. Token holders will be able to generate and vote on proposals to govern the underlying protocol. 

Examples of proposals ASK holders may vote on may include adding new types of earning opportunities and yield strategies, determining what fees are charged by the protocol and what incentives (e.g., ASK rewards) are offered on an ongoing basis. This will enable holders to contribute to the success of applications and products built on top of Permission’s standards. 

What is Weighted Choice Voting? 

The Permission governance system will utilize Weighted Choice Voting for all proposals. 

Weighted choice voting is a system of governance in which ASK holders can spread their tokens across several options within each proposal. In this system, community participants will be able to express their beliefs by dividing their voting power amongst the different outcomes outlined by the proposal. In this voting method, a user can allocate the majority of the voting power to outcomes they feel strongly about and less to outcomes that they feel less strongly about. 

Eligibility for Voting 

Your eligibility and voting power is determined by the presence and number of ASK tokens held in your wallet at the time the Snapshot proposal was created. If you have no ASK tokens in your wallet at the time of the proposal’s creation, your wallet will be ineligible to vote on the Permission proposal.

How Can Permission Community Participants Author Proposals? 

Note that the first few proposals will be run by our core members to ensure everything goes smoothly. Permission Member proposals will be allowed in the future. Proposals deemed to jeopardize the future of Permission will be filtered, so please take care in your authorship.

Eventually, any ASK holder may complete and submit a proposal. Upon successful review, the Permission team will post the proposal on Permission Snapshot. Once a Proposal has undergone preliminary discussions and received adequate approval, the proposal will be submitted for voting. Posted proposals will also be made available within the voting channel of the Permission Discord


In order for a proposal to pass, it must receive at least 51% of all votes and reach quorum. Once a proposal has passed, it will then be implemented on the platform. All participants in the voting process will be informed of the outcome. 

We’re very excited to begin this new chapter in our platform’s history! By allowing our users to take part in decision-making, we are empowering them to shape the future of Permission. Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out Snapshot and other exciting new features in the coming weeks and months!


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