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Permission Migrates to Polygon

UPDATE as of June 26, 2023: The bridging period is now officially over. The Permission team would like to thank the community for their cooperation and support during this process. The bridge opened in May, 2022 and officially closed, as scheduled, on June 25, 2023. Users are no longer able to bridge their Permission Network Balance.

Please note that users with a Pending ASK balance can maintain their ASK in Pending. When withdrawn, it will be transferred via the Polygon blockchain and, as such, will automatically be withdrawn as Polygon ASK.

UPDATE as of April 24, 2023: Permission users and ASK holders who have not yet used the ASK Bridge to migrate their tokens to the Polygon network are encouraged to do so before June 25, 2023. Legacy ASK token balances will not be visible in the wallet page on June 25, 2023. After such date, no exchanges will be supporting the legacy ASK token on the Permission blockchain. Only the ASK token on the Polygon blockchain will continue to be supported by exchanges. Additionally, as the Permission Platform now runs entirely on Polygon, only the withdrawal of ASK tokens on the Polygon chain will be supported.

Please ensure your ASK is bridged to Polygon ahead of June 25, 2023.

Permission is proud to announce our partnership with Polygon and the migration of ASK to the Polygon blockchain.

Polygon is known as the preeminent Ethereum scaling solution, having received widespread adoption with 7,000+ Dapps and 100M+ unique users. It is fully interoperable with Ethereum and enables much faster and cheaper transaction processing than Ethereum mainnet.

The decision to migrate away from Permission’s proprietary blockchain is an important one. We are confident doing so will advance our mission of bringing data ownership and personal sovereignty to millions through a Web3 advertising system that enables advertisers to “ASK permission” and interact with users and their data on a consent basis. Moreover, the move to Polygon will significantly expand ASK accessibility by enabling interoperability with the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems, including access to DeFi, staking, and more.

We believe that the migration to Polygon will be a very positive development for the Permission community, as it will allow us to achieve greater utility, liquidity, and decentralization as well as enable us to accelerate and expand the use cases for ASK in ways which would have been exceedingly burdensome and resource-consuming on our own blockchain.

Permission chose Polygon specifically for several reasons:

  1. Security – Security is paramount for any crypto project, and Polygon is similarly dedicated to ensuring that all tokens which use their network are absolutely secure, including ASK.

  2. Cheap & Fast Transactions – Another crucial point for us was that our members remain able to send their ASK quickly and for minimal gas fees, which Polygon excels at. This will also enable the Permission platform to a

chieve scalability. 

  1. Layer 2 – Permission believes that the future of crypto is on Layer 2. By expanding to Polygon first, ASK is maximally positioned to benefit from the utility of the Layer 2 network as it grows.

  2. Ease Of Integrations – Because Polygon is ERC20 compatible, it will allow us to easily integrate with nearly any wallet, exchange, or project.

  3. Size Of Ecosystem – Members will now be able to experiment with ASK in many of the 7000+ apps that exist within the Polygon ecosystem, including DeFi.

  4. Passionate Community – We were thrilled to see that, just like Permission, Polygon has an incredibly passionate community. This makes us all the more confident that we will receive a warm welcome as we seek to expand our ASK family.

An $ASK Bridge to the Polygon Network will be available to $ASK holders and Permission u

sers starting in early May, 2022. Using this bridge, users may port their $ASK to the Polygon Network, and subsequently to the Ethereum network as well, if they wish. More details on the bridge will be provided as the migration approaches.

Overall, Permission intends to position ourselves alongside Polygon as the ecosystem grows, and we are excited at the prospect of the ever-increasing u

tility of ASK as we work to expand its interoperability within the larger crypto ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates on this matter. 


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