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Search, Messari, and Transparency

As well as being core values of, transparency and trust are important aspects of all cryptocurrency businesses. While the current Internet has always been dominated by businesses whose operations are opaque and deliberately hidden in the shadows, the advent of the blockchain holds out the promise of something refreshingly different. sees itself as part of a new generation of businesses that has such values at its foundation and which will help to define a more evolved Internet.

Nevertheless, this refreshing new world approach has been tarnished by examples of fraudulent behavior from a few cryptocurrency companies. In addition to that, the cryptocurrency world has also proved to be a natural target for hackers and bad actors. And whenever they succeed in their criminal endeavors, unwelcome publicity ensues.

Thus in the minds of some people, cryptocurrency businesses are suspect. A company that is helping to change this is Messari.

Messari: A Standard For Transparency

Messari states its company mission with the following words:

We want to help investors, regulators, and the public make sense of this revolutionary new asset class, and are building data tools that will drive informed decision making and investment. We believe that crypto will democratize access to information, break down data silos, and ultimately give everyone the tools to build wealth.

Messari delivers a means of measuring the transparency of cryptocurrency companies. It developed its own set of methods for computing metrics (over 100 quantitative metrics) and to classifying assets (15+ qualitative classifications) for such companies.

It also provides the Messari Disclosures Registry, in the form of an open-source database that can be accessed by anyone. and Messari, along with more than 60 other cryptocurrency businesses, has been verified against the Messari transparency index. You will find our registry details at Messari updates such details regularly.

As soon as we became aware of Messari, its methodology, and the disclosure registry, we were keen to participate and thus we have subjected ourselves to Messari’s standardized test for assessing the truthfulness and completeness of our project’s transparency. We consider Messari to have established itself as the natural standard for due diligence and research in the cryptocurrency sector.

Messari’s methodology enables individuals and organizations to compare “like with like” when investigating businesses in this space. Studying its methodology and the indexes it uses is an education in itself.

We are proud to be included in Messari’s registry of transparency-verified companies, alongside other leading and well-known crypto companies such as Blockstack, Waves, Dash, Cardano, Ethereum Classic and Zcash.


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