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Owning Your Data

“Dear Charlie, How does help its members to own their data?”

The best way to explain this is to think of as a platform for applications that enable its members to own their data and monetize it, should they wish to do so.

Our primary activity on behalf of our members is that we have created a digital advertising platform where advertisers can reward our members for watching ads and interacting with branded content. Members enter the platform by signing up and are immediately compensated for creating a wallet to be used on and further into 3rd party applications.

Members can earn in a multitude of ways. They opt-in to register their interests, demographic, and other key data, and embark on various shopping journeys. For ongoing sharing of data and for granting permission to receive invited ads that address their desire to learn and buy, members are rewarded with ASK. Members can HODL, exchange, or spend ASK on the platform and/or on 3rd-party sites that accept ASK.

A core aspect of the current member experience is watching video ads. Members earn for engaging with videos ranging in duration and format, including shorter, gamified ads, opt-in value exchange video ads, and brand films. Users will be able to directly monetize their data collected while engaging with video content, unlike typical platforms that sell their information to third parties.

Over time, the platform will feature other opportunities for members to earn from their data while interacting with news, surveys, video games, premium content, and more.

By rewarding members for their profile and behavioral data, advertisers will be able to more accurately be able to provide members with personal, relevant ads. This means that the Permission platform will present members with ads that they will likely enjoy watching… and they’ll get paid for it.

In regards to data ownership, that is the point from where we start.

Permission QE

We have a project in progress at the moment which is code-named PermissionQE. The goal of this project is to build a query engine using our data algebra approach to data manipulation and management.

The QE stands for Query Engine, which is what the software we are building does. It can query large volumes of data, including, of course, member profile data.

If you are wondering where the member profile data will come from, the interesting thing is that most of this data already exists and is stored on a wide variety of websites, such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other sites that store personal data. The primary objective of PermissionQE is to enable users to access, integrate, and monetize their data. Our technology makes this possible and is helped by the obligation of such sites to make the data available to its owners ever since the GDPR legislation in the EU.

We will be able to help our members gather their personal data together. This will include data that is permissioned on our platform together with data stored in third-party databases. Our members’ full dataset will then be available for members to monetize and for advertisers to target accurately.

It’s Just The Beginning

Such an arrangement is the beginning of our members being able to access, manage, and control their personal data. The thing to note is that while will pursue its advertising and sales business model with a maximum of energy, it is also our intention to encourage developers to create new applications that can assist our members in monetizing their data.

The more apps we build, the larger the amount of personal data we will make available to the average member. If we can encourage an energetic developer community, and we intend to, we expect that many other apps will be created that will help our members put their personal data to productive use.


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