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Our Obligation To Authenticate

“Dear Charlie, Both myself and some of my friends who are members of find your authentication procedures to be unnecessary and slow.”

I’m glad you asked about this. You are not the first to ask. You might be surprised at the number of times our executives, designers, and developers have met to discuss this issue. We would dearly love for everything to be simple and for members to have to do nothing more than provide a name, and an email address, and that would be it.

All I can say is that we have done what we can to make it as simple as it can be while at the same time being able to authenticate everyone who applies to sign up, so that we know they are genuine.

The point to note is this:

Whenever we release an exciting new feature or share some other notable news, we get a flurry of applications—thousands—from new users trying to sign up.

Scammers and Robots

We wish it wasn’t so, but among the throngs of interested users, there is always a population of scammers and bots that hope to trick us into rewarding them with ASK for fake activity. There are ways to detect who is genuine and who is not from their online behavior. Because of that, we defer the ability to distribute ASK until a member has proven that they are authentic. We try to make this as painless as possible.

The Revolution We are Leading is developing the ability for large numbers of individuals anywhere in the world to earn ASK in exchange for watching ads that they choose to view. We believe that the business model we are sharing here will revolutionize the digital ad market, making it far more efficient than it currently is.

  1. Advertisers will get a far better return on their ad spend (for many reasons).

  2. Our members will be rewarded for their time and sharing of their personal information in a currency that they can spend.

  3. Our e-retailers will participate in an end-to-end sales cycle that begins with ads and ends with sales.

ASK and the web software we have built enables all of this. And within our platform, we intend to guarantee that genuine individuals are watching ads, and also purchasing goods. That bots are excluded and that we have created a win-win ad market where everyone wins.

We achieve this by ensuring that every one of our members is genuine. We apply a similar standard to the advertisers that use the platform and the retailers that sell goods. We are creating an honest and transparent market.

We hope you understand this. This is why we take pains to authenticate everyone and every organization that has access to our platform.


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