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How to Transfer Your ASK from Pending to Your Permission Wallet

Congrats! If you’re reading this, you’ve likely signed up to become a Permission member, earned some ASK and are now ready to access your coins.

We are happy for you and are very proud to be the platform that helps you earn from your valuable time and data. Our goal is to make ASK simple and delightful to earn and use.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to transfer your pending ASK to your wallet.

After you’ve completed KYC, your Permission wallet will display the following message:

“Identity Verification is complete. Pending ASK will be available to transfer into your wallet upon final verification.”

You will receive a notification to the e-mail address associated with your Permission account once your account has been fully verified.

After final verification is complete, your wallet will now display a “Transfer to Wallet” button just below your Pending Balance:

Click on the “Transfer to Wallet” button.

A prompt will appear that allows you to enter the amount of ASK you wish to transfer:

NOTE: You must enter a MINIMUM of 100 ASK to initiate the transfer.

In this example, we will transfer 200 ASK:

After entering the amount you wish to transfer, click, “Transfer.”

After you’ve initiated the transfer, your wallet screen will indicate that the transfer is in progress:

This should take just a few moments.

Upon successful transfer, your Wallet Balance will be adjusted to reflect the amount transferred:


You can see the details of your transaction in your History:

Now, you are ready to HODL, exchange or SPEND your ASK on thousands of products from your favorite brands on our very own Shop & Earn.

If you experience any issues with transferring your ASK, please submit a support ticket.

At Permission, our goal is to help you earn from your data.

Instead of your personal data being exploited by tech giants, we ensure that you are rewarded for the data you share while searching, shopping and consuming content on the web.

Our innovative platform allows you to receive crypto rewards for your data while keeping your personal information anonymous to advertisers.

Come back often to earn and spend on And, don’t forget that referring friends and family is a simple way to earn and also helps us grow our Permission community! A growing community benefits all network participants and is how we’ll together create a more transparent and trustworthy internet.


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