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How to Import a Custom Token to Metamask

Here’s how to add a custom token to MetaMask if your chosen token is not automatically appearing.

First, ensure you have a Metamask account, and are logged in.

Also, ensure that you have the token’s correct contract address.

For example, to add WETH to MetaMask:

1. Open the MetaMask extension in your web browser

2. Copy the official WETH token contract address: 0x7ceB23fD6bC0adD59E62ac25578270cFf1b9f619

3. Select the tab labeled ‘Assets’

4. Scroll down, then click ‘Import tokens’

5. Next, select the ‘Custom tokens’ tab

6. Paste the contract address into the “Token Contract Address” section. The token symbol and decimal should fill automatically, but you will be able to edit them if necessary.

7. Next, click the ‘Add custom token’ button.

8. You will now be able to see the token information. If you already have the imported token in your wallet, you’ll see the token balance.

9. Lastly, click the ‘Import tokens’ button. Your custom token will now be added to Metamask, and visible in the ‘Assets’ tab.


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