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Google Cloud Partnership Announces Availability on Google Cloud Marketplace to Accelerate Permission-Based Advertising will integrate into Google Cloud Marketplace, expanding access to its infrastructure for marketers to build opt-in audiences and reward consumers for engagement., a leading provider of permission-based digital advertising, today announced the availability of its blockchain validator node and blockchain full node on Google Cloud Marketplace. With both of these offerings available on Google Cloud Marketplace, users will have access to’s secure private blockchain to send transactions, test and install dApps, while earning’s ASK token, the currency for permission.

When it comes to advertising, enables marketers to build opt-in audiences and ask permission for engagement, therefore ensuring users have control over their data use and are rewarded for what they choose to share. The company’s infrastructure is designed to help brands address fundamental problems in digital advertising such as compliance with global privacy regulations, ad blockers and ever-changing ad tech trends that call for a new and improved permission-based advertising model. As a result, companies can build better trust and loyalty while improving their ROI and the overall Web 3.0 experience.

Two key offerings are now available on Google Cloud Marketplace: Validator Node The validator node essentially validates the network, solving the proof-of-work puzzle and therefore maintaining the network’s integrity. Users will be able to run the validator node on a Google Cloud server, which will enable them to participate in the consensus mechanism and earn ASK for running the node. This opportunity will be available for approved partners only. Details on the validator node application process will be released soon. While members are welcome to spin up validator nodes on their own, those nodes will be unable to earn ASK until they are accepted into the Permission network. Full Node The full node allows users to run a full Permission blockchain node on a Google Cloud server, making it possible to access the blockchain in a truly private, self-sufficient and trustless manner. The node verifies all the transactions and blocks against consensus rules by itself, which means users won’t need to take any extra steps to verify trust in the network because they will be able to verify data themselves with this client. The blockchain node will also allow for more secure installation of dApps. In turn, Google Cloud will have the ability to reach potential new customers interested in running nodes on a Google Cloud server.

“Our mission is to lead the web toward a new engagement model, one that enables users to own, control and profit from their time and personal information, while engaging with the web as they might normally do,” said Charles Silver, Founder and CEO of “At the same time, has built tools and infrastructure that power a highly-effective, consent-based advertising model, enabling brands to engage with willing consumers to increase ROI, drive conversion, and build trust. We look forward to working together with Google Cloud to usher in the next wave of permission-based advertising.”


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