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Best Ad Blockers for iPhone and iPad That Actually Work

No matter where you go, you are being constantly bombarded with ads.

You see them on the streets while you are walking to your favorite café, before watching movies in the cinema, and when you read the latest news on your smartphone.

Sometimes, we can’t blame businesses for these tactics. Many earn their revenue by placing advertisements on their apps so people can use them free of charge.

Nevertheless, others grab every possible chance to increase their profits by displaying tons of annoying ads in their apps, which provides a horrible experience to users.

Loading too many ads on smartphone and tablet devices – like the iPhone and iPads – drains the devices’ battery quickly while using increased mobile data.

Some consumers choose to support their favorite content creators by interacting with advertisements in their apps. But no one can blame those who decide to block ads on their devices to restore the user experience and the privacy advertisers have taken away from them.

Fortunately, users can set up ad blockers on their smartphones to eliminate the ads and trackers in the apps they use and on the websites they visit. And even if you use an ad-block solution, you can still support your favorite content creators by whitelisting their apps or websites.

What Is an Ad Blocker for iPhone or iPad?

Before we take a deep-dive into showing you the best ad blockers for iPhone and iPad, let’s first see what ad-block software is for iOS.

The most basic version of an iOS ad blocker eliminates ads, trackers, and other intrusive content from the web pages you visit via your browser (mostly in Safari) on iPhone and iPad devices.

On the other hand, advanced ad-block software can even prevent ads from showing in most apps on your smartphone, providing a (near) ad-free experience to iOS users.

Ad blockers for iPhone and iPad devices use different methods to get rid of ads.

The first and most common way is to identify the advertising content on a web page or in an app and replace it with something else before it gets displayed on the user’s device.

Other solutions completely disable these requests, leaving broken links or holes in the places where you would normally see the ad.

One of the most effective methods to block ads on smartphone devices is to encrypt the user’s DNS traffic via a local VPN, allowing the iOS ad blocker to work in all (or at least most of the) apps on the device.

As a result, an iOS ad blocker allows you to have an ad-free experience while playing your favorite games, browsing the web, or using your favorite apps on your iPhone or iPad device.

Also, since you load much fewer advertisements, ad blockers may increase the device’s performance while decreasing your energy consumption and data usage.

Furthermore, as ad-block solutions disable malicious ads and trackers, they also help keep your smartphone device more secure against cyber attacks and fraud.

Now that you know the basics, let’s see the best iOS ad blockers for iPhone and iPad devices.

1. AdGuard for iOS


AdGuard is a prominent multi-device (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, web browser) ad blocker solution that offers system-wide protection.

Based on the version you choose, the ad blocker blocks ads, trackers, and other intrusive content either in Safari or in all apps on your iPhone or iPad device.

In addition to a 4+ average rating on TrustPilot, numerous recommendations on forums and social media, independent review sites have been considering AdGuard as one of the best ad blockers for iOS devices.

As a side note, we have also included AdGuard on the top of our list of best Android ad blockers.

How It Works

The basic version of AdGuard allows you to block ads in the Safari browser.

If you choose the basic AdGuard, it will operate as a simple content blocker that works similarly to ad-block extensions for desktop browsers.

However, instead of installing directly from your browser’s extension marketplace, you have to download the AdGuard application from the App Store to set up the ad-block software on iOS devices.

It’s important to mention – and this will apply to all ad blockers that work in browsers only – that Apple only allows simple content blockers to operate in Safari without support for other browser apps like Chrome or Firefox.

Therefore, if you are looking to block ads in other iOS browsers, we recommend setting up an ad-block solution that offers system-wide protection against advertisements.

In Safari, AdGuard uses regularly-updated filters to screen the websites you visit and remove advertising content as well as different web trackers from the pages.

On the other hand, the pro version of the iOS ad blocker includes a DNS protection module that encrypts your DNS traffic to achieve higher levels of privacy.

With DNS protection enabled, AdGuard sets up a local VPN to block ads and web trackers in Safari and also in other apps on your iPhone or iPad device.

Whether you use the basic or the Pro version of the app, AdGuard allows you to customize both the blacklisted (the sites where you block ads) and the whitelisted (the websites where you allow ads) domains within the ad-block software’s interface.


As mentioned earlier, iOS users can choose to use either the basic AdGuard software or AdGuard Pro.

While the basic version is free, AdGuard Pro is a paid subscription that offers advanced features, such as DNS protection, custom filters, and security filters, for iPhone and iPad users.


  1. While the basic version eliminates ads in Safari, AdGuard Pro eliminates advertisements and other intrusive content on the entire iOS device

  2. Excellent reputation, great user feedback, and recommendations from independent review sites

  3. Multi-device support (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, web browser extensions)

  4. Ample options for customization

  5. A paid subscription allows you to utilize AdGuard Pro on multiple devices


  1. To achieve system-wide protection against ads on iPhone and iPad, you need a paid AdGuard Pro subscription

2. Wipr


If you are looking for a minimalistic ad blocker for iPhone or iPad, Wipr is probably your best choice.

However, unlike AdGuard’s pro version, Wipr only blocks ads on Safari. Therefore, if you want to disable ads on your entire system, you have to use an alternative iOS ad-block solution. Also, the app doesn’t offer too many options for customization.

But in exchange, you get a simple app you can use easily to block browser ads in iOS without amassing too much of your smartphone’s system resources.

How It Works

From this list of best iOS ad blockers, Wipr features the easiest setup process.

After downloading the application from the App Store, you only need to tap a button to get the ad-block software up and running.

By doing so, Wipr will block all trackers, ads, crypto miners, EU cookie, and GDPR notices, as well as other disturbing content when you are browsing the web with Safari or other apps that use Safari to display web pages.

In addition to saving you time with the easy setup process, Wipr automatically updates its blacklist in the background to provide up-to-date protection against intrusive web content.

Apart from its simplicity, what we like the best about Wipr is that the service provider refuses to accept money from advertisers seeking to get their ads whitelisted by ad-block solutions.


While Wipr is not free, you can purchase the app for a small, one-time fee of $1.99.

Optionally, you can choose to support the iOS ad-block solution’s creators with in-app donations.


  1. Simplicity and straightforward setup

  2. Lightweight app

  3. Blocks various types of intrusive content in Safari

  4. Honest service that doesn’t whitelist ads in exchange for money

  5. Regular, background-only blacklist updates

  6. Cheap price


  1. No options for customization

  2. Wipr only works in Safari

  3. You have to pay to use it

3. 1Blocker


The next iOS ad blocker on our list is 1Blocker that offers numerous options for iPhone and iPad users to customize how they eliminate advertisements.

Like Wipr, 1Blocker doesn’t offer system-wide protection for iOS. However, it’s a great app to eliminate all kinds of ads and intrusive content while browsing the web via Safari.

How It Works

Like Wipr, it’s super easy to set up 1Blocker as you only need to tick the boxes next to the content you seek to block in Safari.

Also, its creators designed 1Blocker as a native, lightweight app that uses only a limited amount of system resources.

To improve the browser’s speed, instead of modifying web pages, the iOS ad-block software uses filters for Safari.

According to the service provider, 1Blocker can decrease web page load times in Safari by two to five times on average.

Also, you don’t have to worry about heavy updates as the ad blocker updates its Safari filters automatically via silent cloud updates.

1Blocker allows iPhone and iPad users to customize both blacklists and whitelists as well as the type of content you want to eliminate from Safari web pages, including:

  1. Ads

  2. Trackers

  3. Annoyances (e.g., cookie notices and crypto mining)

  4. Social media widgets, share buttons, and social icons


  6. Adult sites


While you can download 1Blocker for free, the basic version of the ad-block software is limited to blocking one content type (e.g., ads, trackers, or adult sites).

To protect against all types of intrusive web content, you have to pay a monthly or a yearly subscription fee.

Alternatively, you can purchase a lifetime subscription for a more expensive, one-time fee.


  1. Easy setup

  2. Lightweight ad blocker solution

  3. Numerous options for customization, including setting up general and regional blacklists, as well as whitelists

  4. In addition to ads, 1Blocker’s paid version eliminates multiple types of intrusive content

  5. Blocking adult sites is a useful feature for parents


  1. While there’s an option to get a lifetime subscription, no matter the option you choose, 1Blocker charges hefty fees for the premium version of the ad-block software

  2. The free version of the app is limited to blocking only one content type

  3. 1Blocker only offers protection against intrusive content in Safari

4. DNSCloak


For those of you who possess basic technical skills and who are not afraid to dedicate some of your time to configure the app, we have included a geeky way to provide system-wide protection against ads on iOS.

While you need to do some configuration before you can block ads on your iOS device, using this method doesn’t cost you anything.

For this, we will use DNSCloak, a secure privacy app for iPhone and iPad that lets you override your DNS settings to eliminate ads and trackers from both the ads you use and the websites you visit on your smartphone.

How It Works

Remember AdGuard’s Pro version?

The paid version of the ad blocker software provides DNS protection to its users by setting up a local VPN to disable advertisement-related requests.

This way, you eliminate ads not only on the web but also in the apps on your smartphone or tablet device, achieving system-wide protection against disturbing digital content.

By using DNSCloak, you can achieve the same level of protection against intrusive iOS content at no cost.

However, to achieve that, you have to configure DNSCloak first. For the exact steps, we recommend checking out this article.


While AdGuard doesn’t charge you for using its DNS, you can download and install the DNSCloak app at no cost.

Therefore, upon successful configuration, you don’t have to pay a dime to block ads on your entire iOS system.


  1. You can use DNSCloak to set up AdGuard’s DNS to block ads free of charge

  2. System-wide protection against intrusive content on iPhone and iPad devices

  3. You can customize the DNS you want to use to block ads (although, we recommend using AdGuard’s servers)

  4. Automatic protection against ads after successful setup


  1. You need some time and at least basic technical skills to configure DNSCloak

  2. Risks of Apple removing DNSCloak from the App Store in the future

5. Firefox Focus


Developed by Mozilla, Firefox Focus is a privacy-focused web browser for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Firefox Focus is free, and it has built-in capabilities to block ads, trackers, and analytics software while you are browsing the web.

How It Works

The app is quite straightforward to use.

You set up the type of content you want to block – web trackers, analytics software, fonts, and ads – and Firefox Focus will automatically disable them while you are browsing the internet.

To achieve even more privacy, Firefox Focus automatically deletes your browsing data (including history and passwords) after you finish surfing the web.

As a plus, Firefox Focus can be integrated with Safari, enabling the same protection against intrusive content in the latter browser.


Firefox Focus is free to download and use without in-app purchases or subscriptions.


  1. Firefox Focus effectively eliminates intrusive content on the websites you visit via the browser

  2. You can use the iOS ad blocker free of charge

  3. Optional Safari integration

  4. Automatic deletion of browsing data after closing the app

  5. Multi-device support (iOS, Android)


  1. Lack of system-wide protection against ads

  2. Firefox Focus doesn’t suit users who prefer to keep at least a part of their browsing history

Prevent Intrusive Ads With iOS Ad Blockers

As we are bombarded with tons of ads every day, it’s essential to use an ad blocker solution. This way, you can have a good user experience, protect your privacy, and block malicious content while browsing the web, reading the news, or playing your favorite game on your iOS smartphone or tablet.

Ad blockers for iPhone and iPad devices not only help you achieve an ad-free experience, but they can also speed up your device as well as decrease your smartphone’s energy and data usage.

You can choose from iOS ad blockers that offer system-wide protection against advertisements or use an application that disables ads exclusively in your web browser.

However, you don’t necessarily have to use an ad blocker software to have a non-intrusive user experience on the web.

With, we have created a blockchain-based digital advertising platform where users can earn ASK cryptocurrency for the ongoing sharing of their time and data while engaging with ads. By volunteering to receive ads in exchange for compensation, users receive relevant, personalized content and get paid for it.

This advertising model also benefits brands that place ads and content on the platform as they can increase their ROI while building long-term relationships with their (potential) customers.

If you are interested in learning more about how to earn from your data, we highly recommend checking out’s official website or following our official Twitter page.


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