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An Open Letter From Permission CEO Charles Silver

A Permissioned World

Great endeavors throughout history, whether revolutions or businesses, can track their success based on their appeal to what is right. There is no doubt that the mass adoption of the world wide web and the explosion of opportunity that came with it inspired high hopes for a better world.

Sadly, many of the great enterprises of the dot-com era have abandoned that ideal and their moral compass. Once rooted in the freedom of information and ideas, their business models are now based on interruption, surveillance, data exploitation, fake bot activity, and a bewildering lack of transparency.

The public revelation of these behaviors has fostered an environment of mistrust in the very companies that most need to inspire honesty and loyalty.

In particular, internet advertising giants have honed their “free” products to take from you what can never be returned. They not only interrupt you and exploit your personal data but also seek to hijack your most precious resource: time.


Advertisers are as disappointed as you with the lack of trust on the major digital platforms. So we have created a Permission Marketplace; an advertising environment where real users choose how to spend their time online and are valued and compensated.

At, you own your data and your time, and you grant permission if you wish to share them. At you receive value in exchange for granting that permission.

When advertisers know their potential audience actively chooses to watch their advertisements, they will abandon the attention-getting tactics that are part and parcel of the world of interruption marketing and begin to be a helpful part of users’ internet experience.

In the Permission Marketplace, we expect ads to be anticipated, personal, and relevant.

When the audience is rewarded for its time, advertising ceases to be adversarial. It becomes the first step in an effective and mutually beneficial relationship-building process. Permission facilitates transactions between those who want to engage.

The Permission Marketplace introduces both validated advertiser value and a consumer-friendly introduction to cryptocurrency. It is facilitated by the Permission token, a cryptocurrency that enables advertisers to pay members directly and records its transactions on a dedicated blockchain.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring trust and transparency to a market that is craving it. We believe that building a bridge between advertisers and viewers is ethical and rational. Anyone who wishes to join us will swap the frustration of interruption for the right to earn from their data and their time.

We intend to make the world a better place. Join us on this journey.


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