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Why Should I Become a Permission Member?

“Dear Charlie, how do users benefit from joining”

Our vision is to create and popularize a new and different engagement model, where you can control and profit from your time and data while engaging with the web as you normally do.

It means YOU give permission to advertisers to target you in exchange for rewards (our native cryptocurrency, ASK) when you view ads and content. Advertisers no longer pay the likes of Facebook and Google for exploiting personal data – they pay you.

Permission has built the infrastructure and tools to enable this evolved advertising model. Our members can sign up and choose to watch ads and content and are rewarded for doing so. We are building an analytical query engine, PermissionQE, that will serve as the beating heart of the advertising process. On one hand, it will assist our members to curate their personal data that they can (if they choose) permission for use by advertisers. On the other, it will enable advertisers to accurately target our members. The result is that members will receive and be rewarded for watching ads and content that interest them.

What you won’t see is aggressive in-your-face ads that are delivered to you after a site you’ve visited has tracked you and sold your data without your permission. Advertisers won’t have to deal with the bots and fraudsters that have become the scourge of the digital advertising world. It is a clean system.

Advertisers are motivated to participate because they can achieve higher ROI. Our members are motivated to participate because they get rewarded for their most valuable assets, their time and data. We think of it as win-win advertising.

It’s All About Network Effects

If you read our whitepaper, you’ll note that our vision is to build a totally decentralized permission economy, where you, the individual, are in control of your data.

All of our business innovations are designed to help you earn from your data while you interact with the web and to make it possible for advertisers to respect your data by rewarding you for your permission to access it.

One of our initial strategies for executing this vision is to make it possible for you to earn from your data beyond the Platform. To accomplish this, we are building an application that enables our members to encounter permission-based ads on websites while surfing the web. In addition, we are building software that allows our members to interface with retailers on popular merchant platforms, including Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, etc.. This will make it possible for millions of merchants across the world to reward you for your data and also to accept payments in ASK.

Your ability to earn and spend ASK on other eCommerce sites and while surfing the web allows user scale, creating a powerful network effect. The more users, the more advertisers, the more demand and retention for ASK. All participants benefit by the growth of the network.


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