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What is Five T Squared?

“Dear Charlie, I recently encountered one of your company’s tweets which mentions’s values as being 5T^2 (Five T Squared). Would you care to elaborate?”

Some companies have a set of guiding values, which they implement across their business. Google for example once had the simple guiding principle “Don’t be evil,” which was front and center in its corporate code of conduct (but is no longer so prominent). has corporate values too. They are enshrined in the acronym 5T^2, which expands in the following way:

F: for Fairness, I: for Integrity, V: for Value, E: for Example, T: for Trust, and T: for Transparency

We understand those words in the following way:

Fairness: We are bringing fairness to digital advertising and e-commerce with a business engagement model based on permission. Personal data is owned by the individual, not the big tech platforms who harvest it. Instead of internet giants monetizing our members’ personal data, they will be rewarded in the ASK cryptocurrency. This is fairer by far.

Integrity: We are honest and honorable in the way we conduct business with every individual or organization we encounter in our activities. Integrity is about the consistency between our statements and actions.

Value: acts on behalf of its members, advertisers, and retailers. We intend to deliver superior value to all of these individuals or organizations involved with our platform.

Example: We want to serve as an example to the new cryptocurrency community of how it is possible to do business based on permission and with the utmost transparency.

Trust: We want to create trust everywhere transactions take place. Between Permission and our members and between members and advertisers.

Transparency: Everything that we do shall be 100% transparent to our community. If something is not crystal clear we strive to make it so.

In case you suspect otherwise, we are deadly serious about these values. Every new member of our staff is expected to consider them, understand them, and only join our team if they believe they can abide by them.


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