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First-Ever Crypto-Rewarded Campaign on Open Web Sees 400% CTR Increase

As a retailer that sells coffee and tea products infused with vitamins, superfoods, and supplements, VitaCup is always trying to attract new customers in a busy category. 

Hypothesis: Users will interact with campaigns when they receive crypto rewards

Traditional online advertising methods leave much to be desired. With the average consumer seeing upwards of 10,000 digital ads every day, it can be exceptionally difficult for advertisers to cut through the noise and engage with their ideal consumers in a meaningful way. 

Understanding this perfectly, the VitaCup team stays on the lookout for innovative advertising solutions that can help them achieve better business outcomes.

The beverage company partnered with, the leading provider of permission-based Web3 advertising solutions to explore Permission Ads, the industry’s first Demand Side Platform offering crypto rewards to consumers in exchange for their consented, first party data — this led to VitaCup and Permission launching the first crypto-rewarded advertising campaign to run on the open web.

To test out this hypothesis, VitaCup launched a campaign that targeted some users with ASK rewards while also engaging a control group without any mentions of crypto. 

Results: Hypothesis validated with improved metrics across the board

As it turns out, the VitaCup team’s hunches were correct. Thanks to Permission, VitaCup experienced:

  1. Increased clickthrough rates (CTRs). When compared to the non-ASK-enabled campaign, the ASK-enabled campaign delivered a 400 percent increase in CTRs for VitaCup. Additionally, compared to benchmark data about programmatic display ads from Google and Forbes, ASK campaigns saw a 98 percent increase in CTRs. It turns out consumers are more likely to perform desired actions when they’re getting something in return.

  2. Higher engagement. VitaCup also saw a 38 percent CTR lift when comparing category-specific (in this case, food and beverages) CTRs of non-ASK-enabled campaigns to ASK-enabled campaigns. In other words, coffee and tea drinkers were 38 percent more likely to engage with ASK campaigns when viewing beverage-related content.

  3. Increased ROI. With Permission, VitaCup was able to reduce its effective cost-per-click (eCPC) rates by an impressive 84 percent. As a result, their campaign generated a significantly higher return on ad spend (ROAS) compared to simple site retargeting.

“I was surprised by the 400% positive CTR lift over the industry average and that coffee drinks were more likely to engage with an ASK rewarded campaign.” – Brandon Fishman, VitaCup Founder & CEO

With Permission, VitaCup has found a powerful solution that can keep pace with their growth and future-proof their online advertising needs as we move further into the Web3-driven future. In large part, that’s because Permission solves three critical advertising objectives:

  1. Accelerating business growth via reward-based advertising

  2. Solving data challenges with compliant opt-in, first-party data capture

Building 1:1 relationships with customers throughout each stage of the consumer journey (e.g., awareness, acquisition, and retention).

Ready to create a success story of your own? Let’s get started.


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